Bank Banking Routing Number – Huntington Bank Routing Number – If your company wants to set up direct deposit into your new Huntington Bank checking account, they may ask for your routing number and account number. A cancelled check or by looking at your account number in Online Banking are two more methods to discover your routing number. To find out what a route number accomplishes and where to look for it, go no further than this guide.

Huntington Bank Routing Number

Which Number Do You Use To Find Your Way Around Huntington, WV?

To facilitate transactions with other financial institutions, banks and credit unions are given routing numbers, which are nine-digit codes. A customer’s account may be traced back to them using this number. It’s used to clear up any misunderstandings caused by banks and credit unions with the same name but different spellings.

A Huntington account number is something like this:

When it comes to tracking your customer’s account, a unique account number is useful. Each Huntington Bank account has a unique account number that serves as a means of identifying the owner. An account opens with a unique account number (PIN).

What is the best way to locate my Huntington Bank routing number?

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Find your new Huntington Bank Account Routing Number just opened?

You’ve arrived at the ideal location! If you’re having trouble finding your Huntington Bank routing number, BankDealGuy has put up a how-to guide to assist you!

The American Bankers Association is one example of a business using it (ABA).

Your check will include a 9-digit bank routing number in the lower left corner of the check.

You’ll need your routing number for a variety of things, including:

  1. payments made via an electronic transfer protocol
  2. establishing a direct deposit system.
  3.  Taking advantage of government handouts like tax breaks
  4. Transferring funds across accounts at various financial institutions or investment companies
  5. Regular bill payment
  6. Domestic transfers

In addition, Huntington Bank has many locations throughout the nation, each with its own routing number. To learn more about Huntington Bank’s routing numbers, look them up on this page.

Easy Ways to Get Your Huntington Bank Routing Number

  • The Online Banking 
  • App on a Mobile Device
  • With the Help of a Check
  • A Bank Statement as a Resource

By going to the Account Details page in Online Banking, you can quickly discover your routing number. In the Account Information area, you’ll find the routing number right at your fingertips.

A list of all the routing numbers used by Huntington Bank

Your Huntington Bank routing number is linked to the Huntington Bank branch where you established your account, as previously stated.

Huntington’s routing numbers are generated in a unique manner from those of other financial institutions. Not by state, but by the customer’s third and fourth digits of their account number, they publish their routing numbers on their website

To get your routing number, for example, enter your account number (12345678) followed by the digit 34.

Sending Money Via the Internet

To send money to Huntington, please use the routing number 044000024. For international wire transactions, you’ll need to know Huntington’s swift code, which is HUNTUS33.

It’s easy to make domestic wire transfers using Huntington’s routing number 044000024 instead of your usual ABA one.

Transfers inside the United States Transfers internationally

This information is required for domestic transfers:

  • This is the name on the beneficiary’s account that you’re sending money to.
  • This is the recipient’s account name.
  • The bank routing number of the recipient
  • Account number of the intended recipient

What is the best Huntington routing number to call?

Your Huntington bank account’s three- and four-digit ABA routing number should be used for all domestic money transfers.

Domestic wire transactions should use Huntington’s routing number 044000024.

Using the Huntington SWIFT code HUNTUS33 will allow you to send and receive money from accounts situated outside of the United States.

Questions? We’d be happy to answer them.

In the event that you still can’t locate what you’re searching for, please inform Huntington Bank. You may reach them in person, online, or by phone if you need help. You can reach them seven days a week, 24 hours a day. a toll-free number for banking services (2265).

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