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Costco Wholesale – Win Gift Card – Everything You Want To Know!

Costco Wholesale :- Costco as a reputable organization has continued to uphold its standards and has taken into concern the behaviors and privilege of its organization. They have ensured that their workplace is drug free and alcohol free, and has thus maintained such an environment.

Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale

They have ensured that all present and prospective employers are screened thoroughly before renewing their contract or assuming roles and duties on property. Upon screening they should show that they are both drug free and alcohol free from all unauthorized substances.

About Costco Wholesale

They have taken up this policy to ensure the safety and rights of its employees, customers, and their suppliers. This environment that they have created is to provide everyone who is affiliated with them to be free from injury, accidents, and to protect all the stakeholders of Costco. Costco has the ability to revise its policy in line with the requirement of the law, it holistic bargaining agreements or any other substantial reason.

Drugs and alcohol free workplace policies

Costco has placed emphasis on these policies by providing educating and substantial seminars, with its employers, employees, and supervisors on a yearly basis. Costco mainly focus on the upkeep of their health concerning the environment and workplace safety risks associated with the intake and use of unauthorized substances. All this information Costco have made available to its employees prior to starting their duties. Before starting their duties they have to undergo a drug and alcohol testing which is not optional.

These policies applies to everyone who works on the property, no-one is exempted from these policies. These terms are conditions that they must adhere to for the continuation or the commencement of their post. It’s a policy that all employees are supposed to be freed from at all times, continuously to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning and working together for the betterment of Costco.

Costco Wholesale

Adhering to Policies while on the Job

Costco specifically prohibits workers (employees) from engaging in all unauthorized substances while in the company’s properties, while engaging in work related businesses in company’s vehicles, machinery or using work equipment. Workers should ensure that they do not possess unauthorized substances while on the job. They should not purchase prohibited substance or engaging in the selling of such products. Even if they do not purchase or sell these substances, they should not transfer or distribute such products for any given employer or employees while on company the property. Employers or employees do not have the right to use these substances while on lunch break on or the company’s clock.

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Costco does not tolerate workers who are under the influence of prohibited substances while not on the clock but shows up at work with the vivid sign that they have been under the influence. All workers are supposed to stay away from these drugs entirely. Costco also prohibits the refusal of cooperating in a drug and alcohol test that is stipulated in the policy. Workers may consume alcohol during company events and are encouraged to drink moderately and responsibly.

How are Costco Foods Ranked According to their Menu?

Costco food menus are very high in calories but on the other hand are affordable. Customers’ can also get to select items that are in line with their diet. This is so because they are able to see clearly the calories in their totality. This way they can decide which meal, dessert, or even beverage to select. Costco ensures that a complete nutrition listing is provided for customers and even employees at all Costco food courts and also online. This way they will have a happier shopping experience and a greater understanding of the foods that they are consuming.
Costco menu includes baked chicken, chicken Caesar salad, pizza of various kinds, hot dogs of various sizes and types. For dessert, one can have ice-cream, frozen yogurt, and cakes. Beverages are also available to compliment the meal packages, which consist of hot latte, cold latte, or even hot or frozen mocha. Smoothies are also customers’ favorites, seen as a full meal for some customers.

Costco Wholesale

Some of the foods with the lowest in calories are from the Smoothies section, containing 290- 300 calories. After the Smoothies the second lowest food section comes from the beverage aisle, with drink varying in calorie up to 320.

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The very- berry sundae varies from 430-480 calories. Yogurts contain 410- 470 calories taking in consideration the various flavors and sizes.

Food items on the rise at Costco also include churro at 470 calories, while all beef hot dogs range 540- 970 calories. Barbeque beef brisket and chicken Caesar salad range from 610-650 calories. As it continues to be on the calorie rise, pizzas range from 710- 760 calories. The most caloric food would be baked chicken at 770 and beef hot dogs. The baked chicken is the heaviest containing calorie food, of which a third is fat.

Does Costco Wholesale price match?

Costco price does not match other business organizations or retailers because they have competitive prices and various strategies to get good to be sold and attract more customers. Costco, most of the times have major sales so customers can get products at affordable prices.

Sometimes customers can wait on items to go on sale if they can’t afford the item at their own time and pace. One of Costco’s strategies to get customers to buy products is to rearrange item in different places of the store to ensure customers are aware of their variety.

They practice this strategy very regular, so customers have to walk around the store to get what they want, in this way they will see other product in purchase items that they didn’t intend to purchase- treasure hunt.

If items are selling at Costco, they will not move the items, but if they are not been purchased then they will continuously switch these items in various parts of the store.

While Costco prices don’t match other retailers, it will honor its own sale prices on earlier returns. For example, if a customer notice a item went on sale after they have purchase the item, they can request refund and get their money back.

Costco Wholesale

Costco also offer food items from their retailers and ensure they get their money’s worth. They provide rotisserie chickens and they ensure that their chicken sized is twice bigger that their competitors and are prepared properly. They also make their chicken very reasonable than that of their competitors.

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They do not even add MSG, preservatives, or any artificial flavors or colors.

To keep up to their pricing policy, their sales tag informs customers if the item will be available for a particular period in time.

They inform customers if the company or a particular location will have the product restocked. This is to notify them to purchase items quickly. This will boost their purchase rate, thus boosting the company’s account.

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Costco also goes in better pricing especially when it comes on to selling items that are used in tragedy. This includes caskets. Steel Costco caskets can cost as little as $950, which is a great deal compared to other distributors. Most customers will support this business because of its pricing.

To boost its production and satisfaction, Costco encourage customers to order items before collecting them to ensure they do not wait long and lose time. Most people will go for this option, thus getting more people to purchase pizzas. They also provide price tags with special codes which tell a customer if the item is on sale or not.

Costco ensure that customers do not pay excessive prices after they have gotten items from suppliers. They encourage buyers this way so they will get more supports than other stores. When people shop at these stores they will get their money’s worth and do not have to worry about price hiking on them.

The Costco Company is a reputable organization which seeks to ensure all stakeholders satisfaction and an environment that is conducive to working and shopping.

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