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Costco Sunday Hours & Schedule 2021 – Costco Holiday Schedule

Costco Sunday Hours: Costco wholesale the big store where lot of things can be found, on regular week Costco is open from 9:30 to 6:00 P.M while on the weekends it opens from 10:00-6:00 P.M does this schedule affects customers?

Costco Sunday Hours 2021

Costco Sunday Hours 2021

Well some people may say its not a big difference just half an hour, but when you have dinners, picnics and activities right on the clock this may seem like a big issue, big stores such as this one, offer anything we can buy therefore its so important for them to be available as early as possible, but the issue comes that not only do they open half an hour later but they close at same time 6:00 P.M which becomes an inconvenience if you get out of work exactly at 5:00 p.m or who knows maybe at 6:00 P.M which becomes impossible for office hours workers and with the traffic at that time some people can only get there on the weekends.

Costco Sunday Hours 2021

Costco Hours Sunday

Major stores should have a more wide schedule so it gives the opportunity to all public to attend the store when you have a store with an office schedule it becomes an issue for lots of citizens and workers to go and that doesn’t help with the market because what it does it’s that send people to other stores instead of Costco while a wider schedule window could call in for more customers on regular business days on the weekend it could make it available so people who are off from their works can attend but those who still have to wait on regular office schedule will still be unable to go to the store.

Costco Holiday Schedule

Which leads to the question would you go to Costco if it was open in a longer schedule, does this affects the clients that go to the store, it may not affect the big amount of members who go to shop at Costco and even the non members go attend as well, but t could generate a difference is their schedules were more flexible maybe new customers and also some of people working office hours could they go to this big discount warehouse and enjoy of their solid discounts.

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Costco Sunday Schedule

But that’s the issue with this big discount warehouse stores they all have office schedules and we are the ones who have to find a way to fit their schedule and buy which not always is a friendly idea, because lets be honest not all our bosses agree with us leaving early just go to shopping but that’s the risk of bit discounts if you want to get them you may have to make it on time; otherwise may have to wait for the weekend with their schedule from 10-6.

That’s the way they all work and that’s the only way we can take advantage of those discounts, only chance its for the weekend on Sunday, but all find a way to accomplish don’t we? Just gotta wake up early or make it a little late to the picnic and go to Costco and use those coupons. Trust me at the end it will pay back.

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