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Costco Price Match Policy – Costco Price Adjustment Policy 2021

Costco Price Match Policy: Are you taking advantage of being a member at Costco? If you were not aware If their price match policy let me tell you, you aren’t. We all are aware of price matching with other retailers, big retail stores offer this all the time, if you can find this item cheaper in another retail store we will equal their price here for you. So this become a price battle, where you the customer has to go to different stores adventuring trying to check who has the lower price to come back to the original store and prove them you found the item in a lower price so that way you can get it on the same price instead of just going back to the store who had it cheaper.

Costco Price Match Policy

Costco Price Match Policy

So this store to store battle has always been a thing, but its not what Costco Offers, Costco offers an internal price matching price policy, yes internal which means it can only happens on Costco, how does t work? Every time we buy an item a Costco we have it in a specific price, but what happens if the price lf the item we purchased goes on sale, if you find out about it, they will refund you the money you over spend or over the final price, this sounds amazing, doesn’t it? To be credited money after you already purchased an item, just because they put it on sale or a lower price, well yes it does sounds amazing indeed but there’s a catch on this.

Costco Price Adjustment Policy 2021

If you don’t find out or if you are not on the prices to check that the item you bough has gone on sale, Costco will not automatically refund you for the money you spend, because they wont be alerting or texting you to come and pick up your refund, no. You need to be aware, checking every day or it’s the store to see if something you bough recently has gone on sale yes recently because it only applied within 39 days after you made your purchase, so it wont work for 2 or 3 months purchases it only applies to recent one which kn this case are just 30 days.

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It is a pretty good price match, but you need to be on the game to take advantage If it, otherwise you will just end up paying what you paid, but lot of people take advantage If this all the time, we just need to speed up our games, get into the price sections, every couple of days check the sale section and if we find something we have recently purchased well that’s a refund that you will be cashing back my friend.

Think you are buying stuff for your future self, write down those prices, maybe go back once or twice or just be on the look out. Because if you miss that your last purchased items went on sale after 30 days you won’t be getting cash back and that will be a really bad thing.

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